Fix Fencin’

Somehow, whenever I want to talk of fixing fence, it comes out wrong.  My mouth can’t ever seem to coordinate with my brain, and “fix fencin’ ” usually blurts out and makes me appear *really* stupid.  Most people around me … Continue reading

Everyday OOPE

OOPE photos from Saturday… when everyday should be like this! Johnny consults his book… making sure #452 had calved… and how old the calf was… whether we wanted to take her along or leave them behind for now. We kick … Continue reading

Strut Your Stuff

Well, I have OOPE photos from yesterday.   I have fence fixin’ photos from today. I have wildlife photos from today. I have scenery photos from today. Rarely do I have so much to talk about and so little time … Continue reading

If Everyday Was Like This…

We sorted and sent another 34 pairs out into the allotment today. A day of sunshine and barely any wind. A day of yellow bells and blue skies. A day of not too cold, not too hot… a Goldilocks day. … Continue reading

From Big Sis to Li’l Momma

Three weeks ago, when the puppies were born, Dally was a confused soul. She wasn’t sure what happened, but she wanted to be part of it. It earned her some whippings from Elsa.  But Dally is a persistent gal and … Continue reading