Since beginning this blog, my new internet friends have asked me… what do you *DO* out there for fun???? I assume you mean when we’re not laughing hysterically at someone that just got bucked off their horse or fell in … Continue reading


I wake up in the morning and try to snuggle down in my warm waterbed… (yes, I still have a waterbed… it is WARM!) I rearrange my sheet, quilt, down comforter, and buffalo robe for just a few more minutes … Continue reading

Snowy Photos

The girls and I took a walk today. I bundled up.  The thermometer said 5.  I don’t know if I believed that! I picked on Dally making her my model for the photo shoot… Elsa is too much of a … Continue reading


I plan on calling the State Historical Preservation Office tomorrow.  The paperwork to get us recognized as a Centennial Ranch will be a fairly straightforward. Read any Wyoming history book and it will tell you about the Spring Creek Raid … Continue reading


Today saw the return of winter with freezing temperatures and snow.  The wind chill added to the briskness. The other day was a different story.  Gorgeous sunshine and warm temperatures begged me to go for a walk to the mailbox. … Continue reading