Wet Days

For the month of May, my rain gauge is reading 4.11”! We’re not done yet, either. Oh, well… After dishes and some laundry, I used the grey morning to work on my table… Originally, I had planned on woodburning something … Continue reading

Table Sides

I’ll take a short break from branding, and share the latest photos from my woodburned and painted table. It’s coming along! I’ve almost completed the sides. I realized I totally forgot a block just yesterday. There will be a light … Continue reading

What a Day

A very happy Mother’s Day to all my readers, those with their own kids, those that have stepped up to mother those kids that need it, and those who just simply love children for who they may become. I spent … Continue reading

Day… Excited

Wyoming is reverting to winter for a bit… winter storm warnings are out, though right here it remains simply a cold rain. Nasty weather makes me stay inside… inside lets me work on… the table! No, it’s not finished, but, … Continue reading

Spring Work

The guys are busy plowing, discing, and fertilizing the fields… it’s magical how we instantaneously turn into farmers… Well, I have my farming to do as well! The garden is now clean and tilled… next I’ll see what compost/straw/manure I … Continue reading