Other Muse

I’ve got the hankering for pysanky! After my classes…   and a friend posting hers on facebook…   and seeing my link for last year’s trypillian egg…   That’s all I want to do is sit and smell that melted … Continue reading

A New Craft Support Group Part B

We started this little adventure in November. Preparing for Christmas presents, remember? Well, it’s come and gone… as well as Vernon’s birthday on the first… and as usual… I’m still not finished! I figured I’d share anyway. I only work on … Continue reading

Boys ‘n’ Toys

I haven’t heard from any of you about your attempts at making a wool saddle pad… Is anyone besides me making one of these?  I’ve just been referring everyone to the posts at “Just Another Day On the Prairie” instead … Continue reading

Two Reasons

You asked for it, so here it is… I can’t take credit for the design of the paperback book wreath… although I did add my two cents worth!  Here’s the link to Living With Lindsay where I found this cool idea! … Continue reading

A New Craft Support Group

Seems like there’s a rush going on… Snow and highs in the low 40’s are predicted for next week… So we’re busy putting up, cleaning up, fixing up what we don’t want to get frozen or too wet. Vernon headed … Continue reading