Crane In Grass

K, Folks, here it is! My “Crane in Grass” is making its completed debut… I know… DEFINITELY not square, which is easy to see outdoors but in the dark shop on an uneven floor it was more, uh… difficult.  I … Continue reading

Muses and Cranes

SUNSHINE! I repeat, SUNSHINE! Yay! Well, partly cloudy this morning, but by afternoon the sky was brilliant blue and the high temperature was around 74… 30 degrees warmer than yesterday. I spent some of the morning pulling weeds from my … Continue reading

Happiness Ensued

Victoria and I went to her bridal shower Wednesday night…  wow! what a turnout!  I remember mine, in fact the same lady hosted mine (~29 years ago) and Victoria’s!… I reviewed my wedding book, many people were there for me … Continue reading

Jeepers Keepers

To finish your reins you need one more step.  The keepers hold on your popper… or tighten your openings… Though they appear daunting, they really aren’t.  I would invest in a hemostat to help you thread the cords. Put the … Continue reading

Reining Again, Part Two

We’re going to finish out your reins… This is the end that will attach to your hackamore or your bit.  We use snaffle bits on almost every horse, so that is what I braid for. To attach to the bit … Continue reading