That Works

I’ve noticed bright, colorful flower pots for sale… a rainbow of colors.  I’ve been tempted… might as well have some color in your flowerbeds before the flowers actually BLOOM. But you know me, I didn’t want to spend the $$$ … Continue reading

Half a Mile to Go

I alternate between cleaning my house and outdoor chores… too often I ignore my house in favor of “playing”, so it’s about time I do more than a swipe and a swish to clean things up!  It *is* SPRING… While … Continue reading

Sounds Like Work

If you see me tomorrow, and I’m walking a bit slow… it’s because I rototilled on my garden for a bit… then I rode my bike clear to the mailbox at the other place (roundtrip of six miles)… then I … Continue reading


It’s starting to cool off here… acting like October! I put away two of my large flower pots for the winter… I had sweet potato vine growing in them for the summer… and I thought…. well, might as well dig … Continue reading


Nothing like a deadline to kick me into gear!  I’ll be heading back to help Victoria some more with baby Matthew, so I had to get stuff done around here. I did manage to do a fair amount, though, as … Continue reading