Eggs Pysanky 101

Most women out here – meaning those on ranches that I have met – have something to occupy their “off” time.  Some are amazing cooks, making bagels and doughnuts – some are into horses, spending time on lead changes and … Continue reading


I placed an order over the internet today… just a simple little reorder of supplies for my favorite craft. Throughout the years, I’ve had many interests… cross-stitch was a favorite.  Bead and leatherwork still call to my hands…  I’ve braided … Continue reading

One More Time

Well, sure ’nuff… The pump wasn’t working this morning.  My first order of business… a quick shower and a not-so-quick “run” to Worland.  The snow was falling and the 18 miles to Ten Sleep were slick.  The increased traffic on … Continue reading


While Lucas and Elsa seem to be going through a “romantic” period, today wasn’t very full of the ranch romance that people believe happens. You know… “Oh, you live on a ranch – how romantic.” “You get to ride horses … Continue reading


Do you ever have those days where there is so much information going into your brain and rattling around that you know you won’t be able to sleep? Today is one of those days. Brandon and I went to a … Continue reading