#TBT: A Team

When I first arrived at the ranch, oh, a Loooooong Time Ago… We used a team to feed cows in the winter.  During the summer, they lived a life of leisure. But one time, someone arranged a Team Pulling Contest … Continue reading

#TBT: Old School

We used to always haul horses in the pickup or big one ton if there was five or six to haul!  Them newfangled horse trailers are kinda nice, though. … Continue reading

#TBT: Stationery

Johnny has loaned me a box of old letters, and I’m just beginning to sift through the crispy paper decoratively topped by the fading ink of fountain pens and three cent stamps.  My eye was caught by this stationery from … Continue reading

#TBT :The Beginning

The twins, Frank, on the left, and Fred, on the right, settled with their older siblings and parents on Spring Creek, south of Ten Sleep, Wyoming.  Thus began the story of Greet Ranch. This photo was taken “about 1895”. I … Continue reading

#TBT: Old Times, Old Tools

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