#TBT : Marmalade

Among the items Johnny gave me was this. This one pound marmalade jar could be dated anywhere between 1880-1920.  As far as I could tell in an hour of research, was that these were very common, and often saved to … Continue reading

#TBT: Repost : A Good Day

I was scrolling through some old posts of mine… this one is from November 30, 2009!  I enjoyed it, thought you might as well… The crisp morning crept slowly out of the darkness.  Sparkling glitter cast by Jack Frost caught … Continue reading

#TBT : Hidden

I don’t know if I’ve told this story before or not… after blogging for ten years, you forget things!  But since it’s on my side of the family… I doubt that I did. This is a photo of my grandfather, … Continue reading

#TBT: Six Years

A little “newer” #tbt than usual… This little guy appeared six (!) years ago… And he’s added a great deal of laughter, an incredible smile, and a good heart to all our lives. Happy birthday, Jaxon! (November 9) … Continue reading

#TBT: Kid Crew

An example that kids have always worked on the ranch… I do believe this pic is probably mid 1960’s, since I think I can spot Vernon and his sister…  any relative want to confirm????   … Continue reading