But No

Nope. It’s not a #tbt. I didn’t make it back to Johnny’s to get copies of the latest vintage photos he’s run across… So… I just thought I’d let you know I survived and even ENJOYED speaking to the Worland … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “Rimrock Sundown”

Rimrock Sundown … Continue reading


I can’t help it. I’m lucky enough to be asked to speak to the local Chamber of Commerce tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it, I really am… but I can’t help be just a tad nervous… what will I forget? … Continue reading

A Little Fun

It seems like forever since everyone was healthy and the intensity of an overly cold and snowy calving season wasn’t hanging over our heads… time to get the grands together and go sledding! Well, they went sledding… Reagan toddled around … Continue reading

Sunshine and Roses

Ha. Did you really think I’d be writing about sunshine and roses during calving season? Nope. Thank goodness, the weather is improving and at least the snow is leaving from the south facing slopes. Of course, that leaves mud and … Continue reading