The Continuing Travels of Cousin Robb

For those of you that have followed me for a while, you know I share my Cousin Robb’s worldwide adventures. Cousin Robb is a workaholic who saves his money and then quits his job to go travel the world… usually … Continue reading


I grew up with a father that was a storyteller. He loved history and on family trips in the car, he’d tell us stories… They just happened to be true… He could make those tales come alive. I’ve heard his … Continue reading

Old Cedar

The kids got to ride again this morning, but since I stayed up late teaching, I slowly opened my eyes when I heard the front door slam and the dogs bark at their exit. Though I made an attempt at … Continue reading


I don’t mean to embarrass S. She’s quite the hand, a family friend, a good student… There’re many great qualities in this package… But since I’ve been riding almost everyday (or I have some other feeble excuse like cooking for … Continue reading

More Branding Photos

Today we had rain… lots of it (for Wyoming) and at one point it was mixed with snow.  I haven’t been able to look up the mountain due to cloud cover, so I wonder how low the snow line really … Continue reading