Wordless Wednesday – “…Puppy Dog Tails Antithesis

I have “Snips, and Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails (Antithesis)! Tomorrow: Out of Scope from Bangladesh and India! … Continue reading

Motherhood – Pass/Fail

You get the privilege of watching motherhood in various forms out here. Cows and calves, does and fawns, mares and foals, goose and goslings, hens and chicks, ewes and lambs. Here, I have Elsa… a great mom… I help with … Continue reading

The Zone on Video

Remember the Zone? Well, I captured it on video yesterday morning… So if you’re up for 4 minutes of puppy squirming, squeaking, grunting, and nursing… you’re one happy puppy. Or eleven. Please notice… Big Sister Dally is allowed to be … Continue reading


Well, I had to do it… I snuck off of the ranch today to attend one more Spring Creek Raid meeting… this time held in what is now known as The Big Horn Stage Company. ┬áThis building is on the … Continue reading


When I began this blog, I believed it to be an outlet for my personal attempts at writing interesting stories about ranchlife. For the first time in history, more of the population of the world lives in cities than in … Continue reading