I took Elsa to my vet today to get her OFA done…  Finally, I accomplished that goal! I was late starting out because Elsa is standing as of this morning… and I hoped she and Lucas would uh… consummate their … Continue reading

Dally Learns (Video)

Well, last night when Vimeo told me it would be 65 minutes before my video could be ready to watch… I gave up. So to learn about this video, go to yesterday’s blog… or just to watch it – go … Continue reading

More Preparations

Along with pulling up the electric fence wire, our preparations for calving included cleaning the calving shed.  The red shed is easily seen from my house through the boxelder trees.  It is a five minute walk from here. Soon we’ll … Continue reading

Dally Learns (Hopefully!)

I made this video the last week… The boys were still here and two friends, L. and S., helped us out that day as well.  Our work is done, so we kick these steer calves out of the corral and … Continue reading


As of Tuesday, Elsa and her daughter Dally are both in heat.  Thus begins the “dog shuffle” where the girls are either in the kennel or in my kitchen/mud room or supervised outside.  Lucas is rotated to wherever they aren’t. … Continue reading