Today saw the return of winter with freezing temperatures and snow.  The wind chill added to the briskness. The other day was a different story.  Gorgeous sunshine and warm temperatures begged me to go for a walk to the mailbox. … Continue reading


Last week we traveled over the Big Horn Mountains to deliver my daughter’s new Ford Escape to her in Buffalo, Wyoming.  90% of my trips over this mountain are enjoyable, 10% are the kind where your knuckles hurt after driving … Continue reading


I took Elsa to my vet today to get her OFA done…  Finally, I accomplished that goal! I was late starting out because Elsa is standing as of this morning… and I hoped she and Lucas would uh… consummate their … Continue reading

Cousin Robb 3

I hope you all remember my cousin Robb… I choose to share his amazing adventures here because no one I know personally does this kind of stuff but my cous!  I love him!  He’s an amazing adventurer and pretty dog gone … Continue reading

Street View

I took OOPE pictures today… I took video yesterday… I received a new email from Cousin Robb for his Out of Scope segment… but! I have also been playing this evening showing my sister Google Street Views while chatting on … Continue reading