Do Something!

Wow.  What a nice day around here!  I worked on my studio, this time doing some chinking.  It’s finally warm enough, and it needs to be done before my cement floors get done.  It’s amazing how much chinking goop I … Continue reading

Spring and Healing

Our first calf out of our heifers arrived today… I haven’t seen it yet, but I imagine once the flood of babies starts pouring over the dam, I’ll be down there, bedding pens and keeping an eye on the heifers.  … Continue reading

Wordless Tuesday – “Shadows by the Loading Chute”

I know I’m wrong… but I feel horrible. I’m going to bed, and the Q&A will be tomorrow, I hope that’s OK. I’m very very sorry, but if you heard me cough… … Continue reading

That’s OK

Well, I spent a lot of time today trying to get a video up and going… but it seems it’s going to be delayed a few days…  The right things just weren’t falling into place.That’s OK. Then, I’m not quite … Continue reading

Wanna Be

Glorious weather here… So sorry for the storms elsewhere. Here’s where I wanna be… … Continue reading