Vernon took this photo of some willothewisp clouds… I think he did a great job. … Continue reading

Badlands Snow

I rode with the guys on their rotation day to open water for the cows in the badlands pasture. We take turn with other ranchers in the allotment. Wyoming was hit with intense cold and a blizzard the day before, … Continue reading


Ninety three major fires are burning.  If you’re curious as to where, when, and how much is contained, or not… this map is the place to go. Click here. While the majority are far away from Wyoming, it still leaves … Continue reading

Wild, Wild West

Wild, wild western weather, to be exact. The guys took a turn out in the badlands, gathering what few cows had been missed the past few days.  Victoria and I worked on setting up and cooking for branding. The sky … Continue reading


Wyoming has been blessed with rain.  Too much in a few places!  We received .75”.  I know, the fact that Wyomingites count the rain in hundredths of an inch, should tell you something… but it is amazing what 3/4” of … Continue reading