Puppies 3

I managed to steal the first 5 to photograph and check over quickly.
Here they are:
Dark sable and white male.
Sable and white male.
Pup #3 Sable and white male
Pup #4 Tri-colored male
Pup #5 sable and white female

Puppies 2

I think there are 11 puppies… one with a big bald face like brother Drifter (and uncle Jedi)… two that may be tris… one looks very golden… the rest look dark sable…
All of this is subject to change!


They are coming!  She is in the doghouse and “unreachable”… so will have to wait until they all arrive before I think she’ll move… She’s very “in the zone”!  Stay tuned.


I had hoped to be able to post at least the beginnings of the birth process with Elsa.

The snow storm did arrive, so I rolled out of bed and checked on her first thing.  She was definitely nesting.  She came out of the dog house long enough to say hello and then returned where she scratched and laid down.

I brought her inside.

Nothing has happened since except for two requests to go outside.  After taking her potty stop, she headed to the dog house and the big tank… both times I have retreived her back into the house.

It snows and blows and I want to be a part of this… but it seems like nothing is happening after all.

In an hour and a half, I start teaching…

She’ll have to be on her own.

I know she’s a great mother… but I sure will miss being part of the process!  I’ll check about midnight when I finish teaching… and let you know what’s going on… maybe she can put it off until tomorrow????