Street View

I took OOPE pictures today…

I took video yesterday…
I received a new email from Cousin Robb for his Out of Scope segment…
I have also been playing this evening showing my sister Google Street Views while chatting on my computer.  If you didn’t know about this… you ought to check it out.  I waver between thinking how cool it is and how Big-Brother-ish and freaky it is!
Believe it or not, the old Upper Nowood Road (aka County Road 176) is on there too… so if you want to see where I live and the scenery around here…
Go to Google Maps… and if you want to see the 17 miles between here and Ten Sleep and its scenery… just type in Ten Sleep, Wyoming.  You should see this:
You can click on Street View under the photograph and start there…and look around Ten Sleep.  OR!  See the little golden guy on the left?
This guy…  Click and drag him out of his corner.  Anywhere that lights up with a blue outline you can drop him and you’ll see the surroundings in real life.  Yeah.  360 degrees.  Up.  Down.  Around.  Freaky.
I live 17 miles south of Ten Sleep on what they call County Road 176 (though it hasn’t been called that for YEARS).  Drag this little guy along – dropping him on occasion just to check out the scenery.  You can also click on the white arrows to move just a little if you’d prefer.
My mailbox on Street View.
The Mills Place:
So this is cool in a way… but then again… type in your own street address and see if YOU like it???  I was trying to figure out the type of car they used… see the shadow???  It must be some spendy camera to take 360 degrees of photos while they drove along.
So if you are stalking me I just showed you how to find me… but if you don’t think you’ll ever make it to the wilds of Wyoming, you can come for a virtual visit courtesy of Google Maps.
Now go type in your own address.
Type in some friends’.
Type in where you lived as a kid.
Type in places you’ve always wanted to visit.
Do you think it’s is cool?  Or do you think it’s freaky that someone drove around these bazillion roads taking pictures???

Snow Dogs

Today I took some video while we sorted and bunch weighed our steer calves.  I managed to get some great stuff, but it needs some work.  Instead of staying up until midnight, I decided to share a short clip from the other day.

I had taken the dogs for a quick hike and this is what they found.
It was a strange smell…
unique in its muskiness…
buried beneath the clean snow.


Do you ever have those days where there is so much information going into your brain and rattling around that you know you won’t be able to sleep?
Today is one of those days.
Brandon and I went to a Range Management Workshop today, so we have lots of new terminology and ideas ricocheting around the steel traps of our minds.  Ha.
I also have a filthy house and some of the boys’ girl friends are showing up for the next few days.  Do you think I could ask them to do some housework while they are here?
We will be working cows the next few days.  Possibly some OOPE photo ops.
I have to feed people good meals when the work load increases.  Yecch.  I hate cooking.  I have the beef… I just never know what else to cook with it!
My dogs have been totally ignored lately and I feel guilty.
The English Shepherd situation in Montana has possibly taken on a positive outlook for us ES people to be involved… just as my boys will be returning to Laramie and I have to start helping feed cows in the morning.  Next week we will gather all our cows in from the badlands and the workload will increase even more, and I will be so bummed if I don’t get the chance to go to Billings.
My kitchen cabinets are in limbo right now…  I need to make a decision.
I have to drive Victoria’s new Ford Escape over to her in Kaycee and retrieve my precious Durango.
I have to start work on my kids’ book or it’ll never be done by July.  If anyone reading this has stories of Greet Ranch in its past 100 years, I was supposed to tell you to write it up because Cindy is collecting them for our celebration.
Brandon needs to show me how to load cattle information in our new program before he leaves on Sunday because before you know it – it will be calving season and I’ll be years behind before I even get started.
I have more priming and painting to do.
Somewhere in here you’d think I’d lose some weight.
I need to clean off my desk from all my Korean teaching info to make a fresh start.
I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things.
I’ll make a list.
And then…
And then…
I’m gonna lay down and picture this… and smell the sweet scent of Buffalo Pea and sagebrush
and listen to a fly buzz by and a cow rip some grass
and sip from a cold cold mountain spring
and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin
and breathe deeply and relax
because somedays are like today…
but somedays are like this photo… and I love this photo!


Well, it needs 4 more cut panels and the little pantry yet… but I think I’ll declare the floor done!  It wasn’t that hard once we figured out seams and grout lines and centering and the 3 patterns we had to work with!  We made mistakes that cost us time and extra panels, but we *think* *hope* *pray* *cross our fingers* that we’ll barely have enough laminate to finish.
My knees (and knuckles) ache anymore… which I attribute to the coumadin I’m on, not that I turned 50!… and so, I’m glad to have this project over!  Too much kneeling and pounding!
Along the way, I did run out of paint.  That’s why there are white primer spots where cabinets will go, I was running out of paint.  Plus, Brandon keeps calling this color peach… and I’m not a peachy kind of girl… so I might put another coat of wood/sandy color over the top and into the mud room since the cabinets will be long in coming.

Bar Log Video

Here’s the video I promised.  Yes, it is long and I’m sorry about that… but I hated to leave any step out!  

This sawmill was originally owned by Vernon’s great uncle who then sold it to the Mills Ranch about 45 years ago.  My kids are thrilled to learn how to run it.  They could have done this all day.  They were just getting things figured out when we quit… Gary tires easily and this activity was enough for him.

The first log is a “test” log to make sure the blade was spinning true.  It shows the blade at work from a different angle, so I left it in!  For those who care, these are Douglas Fir.
The lever that Daniel (in the green sweatshirt) clamps down on the log is called the dog, and it holds the log in place.  Great care must be taken to get the log level and cut it so it won’t warp.
Gary and Donna actually got us two logs we might be able to use.  Both are gorgeous and we hope to poly them and leave in the sawblade marks, just to show that *WE* did it and this is no store-bought log!  We also cut a smaller log for the bar top if we decide to make the bar a double-decker!  Wahoo!  This was cool!

Sawmill from Carol Greet on Vimeo.