Photo Editing

As I struggled with the topic for today… I found myself falling back on older photos that I didn’t get to share with you for one reason or another.
Instead of giving them to you straight from my pocket, I actually edited these.  Straightened some, adjusted some color.  I really really want a new Photoshop so I could REALLY play, but I haven’t seen hide nor hair nor wing of the Photoshop Phairy lately.  I’d use my old computer but it seems to be having mouse problems… someone set a trap or something… the mouse refuses to work and so do the other mouses (would it really be *mice*?) that I have.
If you see the Photoshop Phairy could you please let her know that my AWESOMENEWMACCOMPUTER needs some Phairy dust and software???  Or she needs to wave her wand over my OLDCOOLIMAC and get that mouse to work!
Ah, well…
Storm clouds coming in over the herd… squint… there’s really a herd of black cows way over there… see ’em?
I would have liked this one… but doesn’t it make you wonder where Bob’s head disappeared to???  OK… we won’t go there.
There’s those blog contests… like Wordless Wednesday and Skywatch Friday… I’m tempted to join Skywatch just because… like Montana… Wyoming is Big Sky Country and lots of my photos have sky shots.  Like this one.  I liked this one.
The sun was going down, but Elsa was working well and so these OOPE photos have that level of blurriness I’d usually trash… but I like this one.
And this one.  Doesn’t she look fierce?  “I’m gonna GET you!”
But best of all I like this one.
But this time I’m gonna call it “artistic”!


Since beginning this blog, my new internet friends have asked me… what do you *DO* out there for fun????

I assume you mean when we’re not laughing hysterically at someone that just got bucked off their horse or fell in the mud or had poo splatted on their face?  Uh, gee… let me think!
Well, when the kids are here… we do play games on occasion.  Scrabble, chess, Set, PickTwo, multiple card games.  Oh, Spoons is my favorite if we have lots of people!
We go to the local football and basketball games.  Ten Sleep kids are always outnumbered.  We’ve played the past two years of girls basketball with 5 girls.  We’ve played 11 man football with 12 boys.  We’ve played 6 man football with 9 boys.  Our kids have lots of heart and lots of try and we do win some games too!  They amaze me sometimes.
Very rarely we go to the movies in Worland.  But the extra 2 hours of travel time make it more and more unappealing.  Before I got married, I was a big movie-goer.  It was one of the things I missed most when I moved out here.  Now there’s Netflix!
I love to dance.  Ten Sleep has a street dance over the Fourth of July so those two nights, I’m having a blast!  Once in a while, we might go to a dance somewhere else… but I never hold my breath for that anymore!
So… I’ll admit it.  Ever since they developed satellite television, I’m happy.  Well, kinda.
Television Notes:  How can the TV show “24” be so addictive?  What does it say about your personality when DH insists Jack’s a bad guy and he’s gonna do bad things… and I believe in the goodness of Jack Bauer!?
How do I switch from “24”‘s intensity and drama to the lyrical “Dances with Wolves” in a split second – and love both of them?
Why do I insist on watching the movie “Signs” just to scare the snot out of myself about every 6 or 7 months?  I watched it the other night and refused to put my girls in the kennel – they had to spend the night inside because I was too scared to go out in the dark to lock them up!  Why do I do that with calving season (and therefore walks in the dark every night) coming up?
Why does the only political/news show that I have the slightest interest in get a timeslot of 5 pm EASTERN??  Do they not realize there are 4 time zones in the lower 48???  Gees, that ticks me off!  Or when they list Eastern, Central, and Pacific Time Zones… HEELLLLLOOO There’s Mountain Time, too, you dorks!

Can I just tell ALL the networks that their little (and getting bigger) ads and promotions in the corner of the TV screen are VERY ANNOYING and they should get rid of those stupid things!

I’m so glad I got that all off my chest…

So, no ballet, no “theatah” (except school plays!), no fancy schmancy restaurants… no elite parties…only one museum in Ten Sleep…
Uh… what do you city folk do for fun really??? Really, be truthful here!  You watch TV, too, don’t you???


I wake up in the morning and try to snuggle down in my warm waterbed… (yes, I still have a waterbed… it is WARM!) I rearrange my sheet, quilt, down comforter, and buffalo robe for just a few more minutes of warmth.  See a pattern here?
Vernon is already up… and had his one cup of instant coffee and 4 pancakes and sausage.  He has made his own breakfast for 90% of our married life.  I’m the one who stays up late… gets up late… and he goes to bed early and gets up early.  He’s sweet that way.  About breakfast.  He’s just left for work and slammed the back door.  Not so sweet.
I keep thinking I’m going to have to get up and go feeding the cows with him… but he hasn’t asked me to yet, and lazy bum that I am… I haven’t volunteered.
But back to my warm waterbed…  I know I have to get up and get going, but my bleary eyes check out another clue about the temperature both inside and out.  This is what I see…
That’s a clue.  It is cold outside.  Relatively cold inside too.  Brrrrrrr.  Think I’ll stay under my buffalo robe!  But I can’t.  I hear Dally protesting that she has spent the night in the kennel and it is time to trade her freedom for Lucas’.
I grab my Carhartt coat, throw it over my pj’s, slip my bare feet into snow boots and make a mad dash for the kennel!
My hand sticks temporarily to the metal screen door handle.  Glad I don’t open the door with my tongue!
I rearrange dogs and run back to the house.  I glance down at the dogs’ *heated* water dish outside my back door.  It has 1/4 inch of ice on it and I break it with my boot heel.  Dally was thirsty… glad to help out.
I grab my coffee cup and fill it with water and zap it in my microwave.  I dance around while waiting for the water to heat.  BRRRRRRRR!
Only then do I get brave enough to look at the thermometer.  The clues have helped me guess, but now I know.  It was -34 this morning.


Snowy Photos

The girls and I took a walk today.

I bundled up.  The thermometer said 5.  I don’t know if I believed that!
I picked on Dally making her my model for the photo shoot… Elsa is too much of a shadow dog on walks.  It may just be because I’m breaking trail through the snow, but part of it is she’s an English Shadow!  I need one of those camera holders that sticks out about 5 feet… like Survivorman carries!  Then I could take photos of Elsa at my heels!
But Dally is a pretty fair subject.  She’s getting used to me stopping and focusing and shifting position.  Before this first shot, she was standing sideways to me…  I told her to stay and got down on my knees to take the photo straight across… She sighed and did this.
I think her eyes are rolled back in her head!  What does that mean when your dog rolls her eyes at you??  Is it that a teenage phase?  And, don’t get me wrong… if she wants to interpret “stay” as “down-stay”… is that so bad?  Or is it a doggy drama queen in action?
And look… if she’d been back a foot… she’d have been in the sun and made a perfect portrait.  But no, she had to stop in the shade.  Very uncooperative.
Move your little tush over and let the sun shine on your coat, Dally.
Listen to me.
She just ignored my instructions.  Well.  We’ll work on this personality quirk.
Maybe another year of posing… and she’ll be a trooper!


I plan on calling the State Historical Preservation Office tomorrow.  The paperwork to get us recognized as a Centennial Ranch will be a fairly straightforward.
Read any Wyoming history book and it will tell you about the Spring Creek Raid that happened in 1909.  Cattlemen had drawn a Dead Line in the badlands.  Any sheep brought into this side of the Dead Line meant you were fair game.  But sheepmen had their own pride and rangelands, and a huge band of sheep was brought through and camped overnight on Spring Creek.  Greets had settled on Spring Creek 20 years before, but the twin boys, Fred and Frank, now in their 20’s, were loading their wagon with the last of their belongings as they were moving to our present ranch the next day.  They invited the sheepmen to supper… and even said they could spend the night in the cabin.  The sheepmen declined, knowing they’d be more comfortable in their own sheepwagons.  That night a band of cowboys attacked their camp, killing men and sheep.  The Greets stepped out of their cabin and were met with gunfire over their heads.  They stayed put.  The next morning they investigated and then reported the incident to the authorities.  They eventually testified at the trial.  This entire countryside was inflamed for a while…
That story has set the date of our moving to this ranch firmly in mind.  April, 1909.
We’re celebrating July 26th, though!  April in Wyoming is usually not conducive to an outdoor party.  That day (hopefully) will not interfere with school, or haying, or cow work, or anything else but irrigating!
We invite friends, family, and neighbors to attend.
I’m very excited
and proud.