A Distinctive Smell

There’s a unique smell that I have a love/hate relationship with…
It’s kept me company on many a starlit night…
It’s fired our branding barrels many a year ago…
It’s given me worries about my guys…
It’s made me sick to my stomach…
It’s made me cry…
It’s made me lose sleep…
It’s come within a quarter mile of my house…
It is sagebrush smoke.
When you come in for supper and the air is blue and clear…
and go outside afterwards and smell that burning sagebrush smell…
You know it’s not gonna be good for someone.
But tonight after a drive to the top of the hill…
and binoculars…
and phone calls…
and debate…
and, unfortunately, high winds…
You find out that the fire is on the Kaycee (eastern) side of the Big Horn Mountains.
And you feel relief!
And you feel sorry for the Kaycee ranchers.
And you’re happy you can go to bed without worrying about losing grass, fences, or cattle!
And you count your blessings one more time!

Rodeo Revamped

Playing with Photoshop can be addictive…
That’s A.W. whose been a rodeo judge here quite a while… a little “antique” effect adds to the height of this photo, dontcha think?
A tad bit of cropping and black vignette lets the cowboys and judge be together in this one.
Sepia (my favorite!) brings a timelessness to these cowboys helping their buddies settle in.
The “antique” mode was addictive though… this saddlebronc rider could have ridden in 1960 …
Then I posterized C. D. just for kicks!
No pun intended.
Kind of paint-by-number-ish… but I liked paint-by-numbers…
I like Photoshop better!

A Hot Move

The  problem: Cows on the fence… they want to leave for the cooler mountain, but it isn’t time yet.
Some dirty cows even are IN the field!
Then there are the troublemakers…
Lucas and Elsa have success!
Lucas makes it to Bruner Draw… and goes looking for a mud puddle… he’s overheating and tired already.  It’s been a mile.  Poor guy.
Elsa is feeling the heat, too.  Can that tongue REALLY fit in her mouth?
Lucas has brushed up and I told him to “stay”… and he doesn’t volunteer to continue on… so Elsa is on her own.
Finally we reach our destination and the reservoir becomes “priceless” to Elsa!
On the way back we find Lucas brushed up.  I call him over and load him on the four wheeler for a ride back home.  He appreciates it!
It was a hot move… one I repeated this morning with Dally and Boomer… and if I do it again, I’ll take my video camera.

A Find

I know someone who found something and then, wonder of wonders, returned it to the closest owner available.
Her husband is a carpenter and was remodeling an old cabin.  Tucked away in the bottom of an old cabinet, was this.

Absolutely gorgeous, is it not???
Hand-tooled… spectacular.
It even has multiple pockets inside!
It has a beautiful clasp with heart shapes…
And it belonged to…
See it????
Look closer…
Mrs. Frank Greet
Johnny’s mom.
My father-in-law’s mom!
My childrens’ great grandmother.
17 days before we celebrate our centennial, a purse belonging to that original generation, was returned to its “home”.
Johnny doesn’t remember it, but we’ll ask his sisters… it’s kind of a girl thing!
But thanks ever so much to C. for sending it back this way… full circle.
What a find.

Wordless Wednesday – Working Dogs

Lucas and Elsa show off their working ability.