Wordless Wednesday – “Patriotic Evening Primrose”

Evening Primrose in patriotic mode (red, white, blue)

Summer Dresses

Taken May 3, 2009.
 Taken May 19, 2009.
While the cottonwoods are the last to don their summer dresses, the willows and boxelders have shown up early for the dance.  The Big Horn Mountains have released their temperamental moisture levels in a kind and beneficial manner.
Spring has arrived.

Fashion Maven

That’s me.
A fashion maven.
My area of “expertise”… no, not expertise, uh… my area of interest lies in cowboy equipment.
Like chinks.
I used to be that skinny.
From the Spanish word, chinkaderos.
Short chaps.
That’s /shaps/ not /chaps/.
Short chaps with a voiced /ch/ are height impaired British guys.
‘Round here, they are pretty plain jane.
Nuthin’ too splashy or bright.
Can’t get much more basic than this.
No conchos.
No nuthin’!
They are useful… that’s their priority.   I offered once to buy Victoria some “bling” conchos.
She gave me a disgusted look.
I think it tells a lot about the person…
And me???
My chinks are buckskin yellow with black trim and blingy conchos given to me by a friend.
Told ya I am a fashion maven!!
I’m interested in boots and breast collars too…  but I must reiterate… my big interest is in chinks.  That’s quite easy to understand, isn’t it girls??

Branded in Sepia

I can’t help myself… whenever it is branding time, I have to switch my camera over to sepia mode.
J. and J. share a story as Victoria swings a loop.
I could do it as an effect on my Iphoto program… but for me, I like the real thing.
I enjoy opening these up and seeing the result… and knowing that this is it… there’s no reverting to a color original.  Daniel and Big Red Rooster are forever captured in this moment in a shade of brown/red hue.
I know that if you squint and avoid looking at some modern touches, this photo could have been taken long ago.
Victoria drags a calf on Little Rooster. (yes, we have two horses named Rooster -hey!  they came that way!  We just added adjectives!)  The wrestling team of M. and S. are on the job ready to bust it.  You can’t squint enough to think this is an old historical photo… but my kids have never done the “cowboy” dress code.
My kids’ t-shirts and ball caps ruin my attempt at portraying history.  Pearl snaps are as close as they get.  They get it from their parents… but at least I OWN two cowboy hats!  I have to give Toria points for wearing chinks too!
Johnny counting out the calves might pass… but nevertheless… I’ll continue snapping moments in sepia.