Low Light

I tried to get some photos of 5 bull elk in our field last night.  Their antlers have shed, of course, but, body-wise… they were big bulls.
However, it was dark-thirty, and I’m very bad at taking pictures in low light.
From the top of a 4 wheeler.
While it is moving.
And the subjects are moving.
So I’m not sharing that.
But there were two Canada geese (did you know it is Canada… not Canadian??) and I just punched the button and took a pic while they were in flight.
And this is what I captured…
And I think it is kinda cool… in a modern art kinda way…
So I’m sharing!
Then I lightened it a bit and I like it even more.
MOMA of Ten Sleep!

Past 24 Hours

Day before yesterday we had snow in the morning, it switched to rain… then the sun came out.. then this hailstorm was accompanied by thunder and lightning… all in 12 hours… Wonderful Wyoming!
Last night coming home from painting up at the Mills place, these three toms were busy fighting and strutting.  By the time I returned with my camera, they were eating together happily, and this was the best shot.  Wild turkeys are still a novelty here… though they have quite a few in eastern Wyoming… they aren’t that common here.
Vernon stops to commune with Molly, Travis and Yankee as Lucas pouts behind.
All eleven are in this photo… I apologize about all the junk and toys and feed pans.  But I figured the cuteness of the puppies would garner your attention… not my junk!


The major difference with this litter and the one in 2007 is that without 6 or 8 inches of snow to keep them confined.. this litter is EVERYWHERE!
They are all over my lawn (and pooping all over it too!)
They even sneak under a fence next to their wood shed home.
They are at my back door.
They are in my flower beds.
They are in my garden (though nothing is planted yet, it is still too WET!)
I am EXTREMELY nervous when Vernon rides his 4 wheeler through the yard.
None of this was a worry with the last bunch until the final week… they could traipse through the deep snow on their own by then.
They seem to be more active… and they eat more, I swear!
They are exposed to many more sights, sounds, and new experiences than the last litter.  Which is good for them!
Here’s Bristol learning that sticks sometimes come with dirt, loose bark, and other icky nasties attached.

Old Vs. New OOPE

Moving cattle the other day… down the highway… on a big curve… this appears…

It’s a SEMI!!!
Nah… no, worries, mate… we have signs on the road warning of CATTLE ON ROAD, and around here, truckers know to believe the signs… and they come slow.
But this shows the differences between the “old” ways and the “new”.
Some people only truck their cattle to their different places.
It’s faster…
It’s more expensive in money, but not in time…
It’s more the “cowboy” way to trail your cattle…  though there are some people whose horses have been replaced by pickups and semis and 4 wheelers.
I admit… they still look big and dangerous even going slow…
NOTE:  See Johnny on horseback between the semis????
It’s empty… no cows in there!
Johnny rides on.
Until a neighbor drives by… and he stops to chat.
NOTE: I have absolutely NO idea what Lucas is doing here…his ears and tongue seem to be flying in the wind!

Wordless Wednesday – “Cowboyin’ “

Cowboyin’  is my entry for this Wordless Wednesday.