1. My furnace is fully functional now… oh, how I love the warmth!

2. Vernon hauls Lucas and I to Ten Sleep School so the kids can read to Lucas.  We are a “reading therapy team” and children LOVE to read out loud to Lucas.  He likes it too.  Can you tell?
3. Vernon continues on to Worland to deliver 5 more cows to the sale barn.
4. We eat lunch in Ten Sleep.
5. We return home.  We change clothes.  We progress to the Mills Place for some serious sheetrock installation.  (say that 5 times fast!)
5.5 I sneak out and take a cool picture of the pine trees at the Mills Place.

6. We come home.  Vernon (get that… VERNON) makes tuna fish sandwiches for supper.
7.  I teach two English language classes to my Korean students and then work an English Expo promoting Eleutian.
8.  It is bedtime and my buffalo robe is calling me AGAIN!


December’s First Snow

Last night the snow began right at dark… pellets that remind me of fertilizer!  Within minutes the snow was an inch deep and it slowly continued throughout the night.  By morning 5 inches of snow lay quietly on my world.  My furnace had quit on Saturday… and now, believe me, I missed it!  I always seem to be cold, and having no furnace in a partially insulated drafty old house with snow outside didn’t help!  Thankfully, Vernon is an early riser, and had built up the fire in the fireplace.  I LOVE my fireplace!  Uncle George built it a loooong time ago when he built/remodeled this house.  My house is actually two old mining camp houses joined together.  It is a rather amazing story, but hey, back to my fireplace…  It sets out into the living room, so all the heat that warms the rocks still radiates out into the living room long after the fire is out.  It is built with vents at the bottom and an opening below the mantel so cold air is sucked in at the bottom and heat escapes through the top.  I’ll have to write a blog just about my fireplace and show you pictures!

We actually had a plan for today…hauling some cows to the sale barn in Worland.  With this snow we weren’t in a hurry to leave, we believe in letting the roads melt off first!  I decided I needed to take a sample from Lucas in order to renew his therapy dog certification.  What kind of sample you ask???  Poop.  Dog poop.  Follow your dog around with an inside-out baggie and wait for some action.  Of course, I took my camera!  Don’t worry, I’m not sharing THAT picture, so get it out of your mind!  I planned to take pictures of the scenery and dogs while exercising Lucas.  Nothing like a good run through snow to get your bowels moving!  So, I’m sharing… of course, I’m sharing, that’s what this blog is all about!  Here’s the star of the show…

It is pretty hard to take a bad picture of Lucas… he may have his eyes closed or I may have it out of focus, but other than that he is definitely my Cover Boy!
Then Dally managed to pose for me as well…

She’s just so cute!

I’m also gonna share a photo of Boomer.  The poor little ol’ Aussie that never gets any attention because the big bad English Shepherds always steal the show.  First of all in my defense, Boomer usually goes with Vernon.  Second of all, this hyper psychotic dog is rarely still enough to photograph, though he snuck in on the cover of the English Shepherd calendar this year because he blended in with the black calves!  (teehee)  Thirdly, taking pics of black dogs is tough duty.  But if you roll in the snow enough, you get these nice highlights in your black fur and I’ll take a picture of you!

Elsa?  Well, she just didn’t have a good photography day… some days are just like that.
We did stop in to visit with our downed calf.  He was found the other day, lying downhill, which, for those of you who don’t know, can actually kill a cow.  They can’t get up with their hooves uphill and their own weight can crush their lungs and other innards. Innards.  When was the last time you said THAT word???  He should have recovered from that by now though, so he has some other problem that mystifies us and the vet.  He can’t stand up without help from the tractor/loader.  So at least once a day, they drive the tractor to the corral and lift him up and set him on his feet.  Hooves.  Whatever.  When I was there today, Johnny had just finished and so no photos of that… but he seemed content and was snacking on some hay and drinking some water.  I think he’s rather cute too.  Though not in a snuggly way like Dally.

As usual, the audience was nearby.

See what I mean?  Elsa was just not in the game today…
Walking back home…guess what?  Yup, Lucas was a good dog AS USUAL… and came through with what I’d been waiting for!  We took off for Worland on the horribly bad roads.  We’d have not gone if we’d known they were that bad… but we managed to get the cows to the sale barn, the poop to the vet, the books to the library, and pick up more floor samples for the Mills Place.  Just another day in the life way out here in the West!
Oh, and before I go… the OOPE photo that won in the vote  yesterday… was Johnny riding across the field.  The level one… This one…

Thank you all for your opinions… from here on I won’t reject any OOPE photo just because it is too correct in composition!  And from here on until the sun shines in the morning… I am going to go crawl under my buffalo robe and try and warm up, because this first snow is CCCCOOOOOLLLLDD!

OOPE Fave 3

My fave photo from yesterday’s OOPE… is this…

Just had to toss in a little antique effect for fun!  Actually, it was kind of a toss-up between quite a few pics… maybe we should have a poll… and let you decide???  There was this…
Which is a shot from the “backside” of the Mills Place.  I think it is cool, but for those of you who don’t know the place, probably meaningless.  Then there’s this one…
But I about missed Johnny and Bob… see ’em in the bottom right corner??? yeah… so I took another one a little later… but look…
No one’d believe this is an OOPE photo.  It is level.. it looks almost correct!  OOPE photos are off handed, and crooked, and this is just too perfect.  Finally there’s this one…

And I just like it cause Lucas is going nose to nose with his daughter who is just a very petite version of her daddy.  There you have it.  Did I choose the right one for the OOPE Fave?  Let me know what you think!  And check back for my videos that will be appearing soon…

OOPE Day 3

Today found us on horseback again, trying to beat the bad weather that is rumored to be on its way.  Our mission was to gather the calves at the Mills Place and bring them home to our school section.  As I’ve done before on working days, I decided to make today an OOPE day – for those who care what that is… go here… for those of you who know and love OOPE… read on!  Today, unbelievably, I took 158 photos!  (Thank goodness for digital!)  Of those, the majority were like this…

WOW, huh?  I took 50 photos of grass today!  Too bad you can’t see the gorgeous day we had, the amazing scenery, the cute calves gallivanting across the fields.
Too bad you missed the flock of Canada geese, the mallards lifting off of the creek, the dogs hard at work.   Luckily, I realized the problem eventually… I had my zoom on, not my wide angle… so, just in case you thought I cheated on these OOPE photos, I have 50 photos of grass in my trash I could share with you!  I did actually kinda like this one, though.
You see, I have a thing for fence posts and weathered fences.  Soon after the problem was corrected and I snapped this one.  Antiquing was added after the fact!
Lucas decided to take a break… another reason why it is appropriate to call them English Shadows… the snowbank was too far away, my shadow was cooler than the sunlight!
We stopped and visited with the neighbors.  Notice their dog… it is Lucas’ daughter named “Kay”.
We trailed a bit more…
And finally we were on our way down the highway to our place.
Johnny and Bob pass us on the way home.  Four miles later here we are, getting closer to my house but still another mile to go to the school section.
My camera battery soon died after this… and the sun went behind a cloud and the temperature dropped 20 degrees, I swear!  Next OOPE day, I promise I’ll double check the wide angle feature more often!  Come back tomorrow for my OOPE Fave!