Fingers and Paws

I’ve talked about it more than a few times on here… I mean, I live on a ranch… we raise animals of all sorts.  The guys are headed to a bull sale tomorrow, as a matter of fact.  We have … Continue reading

Perfect Timing

The boys have been working on AI-ing our heifers.  Daniel has helped some neighbors with their heifers as well.  Today was our Big Day and I was called into help. I had spent the morning transplanting flowers but they wanted … Continue reading


Rain!  Holy cow, it’s like we live in Seattle or something!!  There’s local flooding around parts of the state… Thermopolis, Kaycee, and the creek is as full as it can get here.  More rain and parts will start getting flooded. … Continue reading

Weekend Started

Busy day! I was a tad bit early to the show… so I took some time for wildflower photography… Then I helped begin the AI process… which consists of a shot of Lutalyse, which is a prostaglandin.  It synchronizes estrus, … Continue reading

“Bloody hell, this is a sh***y job”

The job today was to gather and bleed our heifers. The morning was spent gathering them from their pasture and trailing them home.  We had a bit of difficulty there… we have a creek crossing that they just can’t hit. … Continue reading