En Polar Air

“En plein air” Used to describe painting outdoors. Easy enough.  Find a scene. Gather your canvas and paints (and dog) and have a seat! About that “have a seat” part?  Please notice the snow.  In the shade.  Under the rock.  … Continue reading

Hello, Sunshine

Working at the library doesn’t leave me much room for ranchlife… I did manage another pic for my watercolor Art Challenge… and a great sunrise… … Continue reading

Wordless Thursday – “Pic Four”

That would be an oops on the Wordless Wednesday tradition… Today… Picture #4. … Continue reading

Soldier On

Day Three of my “Let’s Create” Challenge: Vernon is in bed. I gather my watercolor palette, paper, brushes, and a small container of water.  Sitting on my couch… I choose a photo to paint from my ipad collection.  Today, it’s … Continue reading

Mammoth Quick Draw

Oh, my goodness, I had such fun tonight!  Tonight was Washakie Museum’s 4th Annual Mammoth Quick Draw Event.  I’ve wanted to go before but it hadn’t worked out until this year.  Thirty one artists either created an entire artwork (quick … Continue reading