Bitty Heifers

Heifer is the term for young female bovines… though generally, those about to have their first calves. The girls we worked with today are just itty bitty heifers, about ten months old. They received their bangs vaccination today. I’ve gone … Continue reading


We spent the day doing the required bangs vaccination of our young heifer calves. The Good Doctor and some helpers were on hand. He has his own tattoo he must place in the ear as proof of vaccination as well … Continue reading

Deal With It

We bangs vaccinated our young little heifers today… Most of the work preparing for today, I have missed.  That was bringing them to the corral, sorting off any older heifers and cows, and weighing them.  Today I was late as … Continue reading

Bangs Vaccination Day

They predicted 2″ – 4″.  We are laying under a blanket of 9.5″.  With .9″ of moisture.  It looks like Christmas now! Today was Bangs Vaccination Day, did you celebrate???  Well, no, I don’t suppose you did… but this annual … Continue reading

Vaccinate Some More

Bangs vaccination. By law, heifers must be vaccinated against brucellosis, a bacteria that can cause spontaneous abortion of calves.  Proof that your cattle have been vaccinated include a tattoo in the right ear with your veterinarian’s ID and an eartag. … Continue reading