Branding Video

I’ve always been a bit hesitant to post full videos of branding… there’s so much going on… but I’ve done this blog since 2008, and I imagine I’ve posted so many photos, that by now, it doesn’t really matter that … Continue reading


No. Yes. No. Yes. One hour notification. Well, we pulled it off. With over an inch and a half of rain, we cancelled yesterday’s branding… and cancelled today’s chance at it too. Then the rain stopped. It turned partly cloudy … Continue reading

More Branding Pics

Sorry. Came home from the kids’ spring concert last night and fell asleep and even though that happens a lot of nights before I blog… I just couldn’t write a post last night! Just couldn’t think or function… So no … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: “Lines”

Couldn’t decide which one was best! Black and white, or the original… yes, no filter! The light was right! For “Lines” puzzle go HERE. … Continue reading

And There Are Cookies

We helped Brandon and Megan brand their little herd tonight, just an hour’s worth of work, but a chance for me to take my first photos of a branding. As usual, I also had the “real” job of branding, so … Continue reading