For History’s Sake

Someday this will be someone’s #Throwback Thursday… before it gets too far away from branding… I wanted to post this of our crew this year for our big branding. Left to right: Jordan Bush (Myles Bush had left), Barry Gouger, … Continue reading

Branding Photos

But first, Happy 4th Birthday to Lacee! We can’t believe how the time has flown!  You’re a very precious princess! … Continue reading


Yay!  I made it to branding!  After being so horribly sick for our first one, I was very happy to make it to this one!  Unfortunately, Megan, Quinlan, and Lorelei didn’t attend because they were a bit under the weather. … Continue reading


Mamma keeping an eye on things… while her calf is being branded. When you’re four… it’s more fun to crawl through the gate (multiple times, actually), than to have it opened for you! D.  owns the herd Brandon leases from.  … Continue reading


Making progress here.  Went to work today and survived, though I didn’t physically work very hard.  We’re still reorganizing the offices, so I sorted drawers and pitched old manuals for old computers and exciting “junk” that seems to pile up. … Continue reading