Headed Your Way

There. That’s the best I could do… A Photoshop Genius, I am NOT. But there are the months’ photos for my 2012 Calendar.  Eighteen others grace the holidays. It is available for preorder in my shop on the left sidebar! … Continue reading

Let It Sift Into Your Soul…

It’s here! Well, almost! It’s put together and at the print shop… so now we wait… impatiently! For what? Oh, yeah… MY 2012 CALENDAR! A calendar full of red dirt, dogs, scenery, and cattle! There’s 31 of my photos in … Continue reading

Making My Millions

The snow that caused my white knuckles of yesterday also caused Vernon much distress. The plan today was to ship 60 yearling heifers off to the sale barn, but 4 inches of snow makes for slick hills. Slick hills make … Continue reading

Two Reasons

You asked for it, so here it is… I can’t take credit for the design of the paperback book wreath… although I did add my two cents worth!  Here’s the link to Living With Lindsay where I found this cool idea! … Continue reading

The Bandwagon

Well… I did it. I jumped on… or rather clambered ungracefully… <my jumping days having abandoned me about 6th grade!> Now… like my friends at Daily Coyote and Bush Babe… I have put a calendar up for sale! <Use the … Continue reading