Kids and Calves

There’s a lot of suction power from a calf, and this one keeps sucking the bottle lower and lower! The girls are petting the soft hair… It doesn’t take long to drink a bottle! Lorelei barely made it in time … Continue reading

Calf Work Video

I made a quick video from the other day.  It shows Victoria, Daniel, and Brandon working a calf through the chute.  The calf comes in, gets its vaccinations, a shot of mineral supplement, a wormer, and a nasal “flu” shot.  … Continue reading

Not So

(Part Two) Two bags of IV fluid, antibiotics, electrolytes… and the calf lays on my lawn, in the warmth of the afternoon sun. We alternate a bottle of milk replacer with a bottle of electrolytes a couple of hours later…  … Continue reading


He won’t say it.  But I see it in his eyes, in his touch, in his gruff, “You’re all right.  You’re OK.”  His rough hands rubs the black hair on a (not so) small nose, petting the calf like a … Continue reading


OK.  I got it backwards.  I was supposed to take pics of the new chicks, NOT the calf.  I didn’t figure any of you would really argue with me when I took pics of the little cutie pie, but, hey, … Continue reading