The guys had to go to town to talk to the accountant, and seeing as how my brain fogs up as soon as someone says “accountant”, I volunteered to stay and check the heifers.  It was a nice, sunny day… … Continue reading

Calf Warmer

Still hung around close to the house today… working on some wool projects and cleaning… After lunch, though, I said I’d feed my bees and head down to where the guys were installing the calf warmer. After some research, I … Continue reading

Bottle Baby Video

Cattle don’t usually give birth to twins, and we’ve found that it is best to leave just one calf with its momma, and take the other one away. This one will be bottle fed until a new mother can be … Continue reading

Awwwww, Again!

We have a new bottle baby, and Brandon knew I’d love this one! That’s because I have a fondness for baldy babies!  Those white faces are hard to resist! Am I right?  OK, everyone, say, “Awwwwwwww, again!” … Continue reading

Someone Cares

Sometimes, you need a little help. Sometimes, it just takes a guiding hand to get you headed in the right direction. Sometimes, someone cares enough to help. … Continue reading