Guess it appears that I’m on a black and white photo kick lately!  Don’t be fooled, I took this one today. Yes, it was foggy. Yes, it was snowing. Yes, I’m wandered around the middle of the herd, trying to … Continue reading

Baby Shower

**** March 18, 2010   Photo Test and The New Toy March 18, 2009   Wordless Wednesday March 18, 2008   No entry. … Continue reading

After Birth – the Video

I couldn’t resist… that newborn stagger of brand new calves is one of the best benefits of being a rancher. Enjoy this Baby Calf Walk… Remember, last chance for Questions for tomorrow’s Answer night!  Enter them in the comment section! … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “Babyface”

For this week… Aaaaah. Babyface. **** March 2, 2010   Great Reward March 2, 2009   Heifers Step 1 March 2, 2008   No entry. … Continue reading

Half Pint

We have a twin calf. She’s tiny. She’s cute. She’s always hungry. Her name is Half Pint. I’d like to introduce you to her. Half Pint from Carol Greet on Vimeo. … Continue reading