After Birth – the Video

I couldn’t resist… that newborn stagger of brand new calves is one of the best benefits of being a rancher. Enjoy this Baby Calf Walk… Remember, last chance for Questions for tomorrow’s Answer night!  Enter them in the comment section! … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “Babyface”

For this week… Aaaaah. Babyface. **** March 2, 2010   Great Reward March 2, 2009   Heifers Step 1 March 2, 2008   No entry. … Continue reading

Half Pint

We have a twin calf. She’s tiny. She’s cute. She’s always hungry. Her name is Half Pint. I’d like to introduce you to her. Half Pint from Carol Greet on Vimeo. … Continue reading

It’s Quiet…

I went to the Mills Place yesterday to do a little painting.  Our new kitchen cabinets are almost totally installed (!) and since the day was going to be a dreary day of rain/snow mix, it seemed a good time … Continue reading

Motherhood – Pass/Fail

You get the privilege of watching motherhood in various forms out here. Cows and calves, does and fawns, mares and foals, goose and goslings, hens and chicks, ewes and lambs. Here, I have Elsa… a great mom… I help with … Continue reading