A Little Wet

We will be weaning tomorrow… and in preparation, we water down the corrals.  Dust can be your enemy when calves, already stressed from leaving their mothers, breathe all that dust into their lungs.  They can easily get sick… and, possibly, … Continue reading


Yes, this post is a little late… we came home last night, ate supper, sat down, and whoosh! That was about all she wrote.  I was in bed early, and couldn’t even come close to keeping my eyes open long … Continue reading

Made His Day

Fall causes work: those items that need to be put away for winter, lawn chairs, toys, the trampoline… another round with the lawnmower grabbing leaves for the compost pile… organizing the garage and sweeping summer’s dirt away… there’s more items … Continue reading


So the baby calves are weaned, but there’s a few things we do… We run them through the alley and chute, vaccinating them, worming them, and giving them a shot of minerals to help them along. The plan was for … Continue reading

Accomplished That

The snowstorm only dropped a soft 6″ on us…and it kept snowing all day! Craig Johnson was nice enough to let us know he arrived home safely across Powder River Pass after the Silent Auction last night.  We were nervous! … Continue reading