Wonderful weather has been the norm as of late… and it makes for a great calving season.  Last night, Daniel calved out the last of our heifers.  Today, in one bunch, 15 calves were born!  This afternoon, I rode along … Continue reading

Calf Warmer

Still hung around close to the house today… working on some wool projects and cleaning… After lunch, though, I said I’d feed my bees and head down to where the guys were installing the calf warmer. After some research, I … Continue reading


So, I wander from house to studio… Draw a little… Repair a chair… decide I need some great sandpaper to get those corners and interior edges… Nail some boards, then I go on a search for more… Back and forth, … Continue reading

Character Guarantee

Today’s job was vaccinating the weaned calves. Today’s job consisted of 3 shots, and some pour on pesticide. My “shot” actually was 1 cc given up each nostril with a dull plastic attachment on the syringe. Today’s job is one … Continue reading