Red Rock Nursery

The cows are taking the move to this calving area seriously… … Continue reading

No Knuckles

An update on our “knuckling under” calf from the other day… Number 12 was born with the physical problem that made it impossible for this little twin heifer to stand up straight on her front hooves.  Two days later, I … Continue reading

Knuckling Under

While you might think of the phrase, “knuckling under”, as a synonym for giving up or surrendering, during calving season, that means something else. This little twin has the condition we call Knuckling Under. Her front hooves are bending under … Continue reading


I can’t resist a baldy calf! If you’re on Instagram, or you click on my link to my Instagram account, you can see a short video of this cutie! … Continue reading

A Calf Is Born

This video covers one of heifers, number 660, and the process of having her calf.  We noticed her standing off from the herd, holding her tail out in a kinked position… an almost sure sign that labor pains have started. … Continue reading