Lucky All Around

Well, I played the Fairweather Cowboy Card and babysat kids so The Girls could go ride in the snow and cold! It was time to bring the cows in from the badlands pasture… and while I snuggled Reagan, fetched the … Continue reading

Bitty Heifers

Heifer is the term for young female bovines… though generally, those about to have their first calves. The girls we worked with today are just itty bitty heifers, about ten months old. They received their bangs vaccination today. I’ve gone … Continue reading


Heifers go in. Steers go by. The calves were gathered from one place and trailed home to the corrals where we sorted them. This is the beginning of their separate lives… They both need to grow and gain weight, but … Continue reading

A Little Cow Work

We prepped the heifers for calving season… Daniel, Brandon, and Tessia had it all well in hand. I was charged with making a replacement ear tag… and by the time I got back, there were only a few left to … Continue reading

So Long, Girls

Daniel pitched some hay for the heifers, and we jumped on four wheelers to bring them in from the surrounding fields.  These heifers will go the sale barn and hopefully find good homes somewhere else as replacements.  They didn’t make … Continue reading