Real Work

Well… I was planning on baking a huge batch of cinnamon rolls and freezing them.  But. Cow work it was. My part was simple… I had elected NOT to ride.  By golly, sometimes I’m gonna win at this Fairweather Cowboy … Continue reading

Stormy Ride

After delaying our gather on our Mesa Pasture for two days, we had to do it today, come rain or shine… or snow.  Yesterday, Daniel had pulled the pump from the creek, and the cows would have no water to … Continue reading

Moving Calves

Since weaning, the calves have been living a good life on some of our fields… but it’s time for fresh feed, so we gathered up a good crew and headed out. Calves can be an excitable lot, and were for … Continue reading

Annual Checkup

Hey, the cows get preg tested every fall… the bulls have to do their tests, too!  It’s only fair… Our vet has a tremendous sense of humor.   He has this on the side of his pull behind trailer… though … Continue reading