It’s 9:30, Do You Know Where Your Cows Are?

I do. We just put a quarter of them in the Double Crossing. That means EARLY in the morning we’ll take them to our mesa pasture with the half we took up the other day. That means I should get … Continue reading


I don’t mean to embarrass S. She’s quite the hand, a family friend, a good student… There’re many great qualities in this package… But since I’ve been riding almost everyday (or I have some other feeble excuse like cooking for … Continue reading

More Branding Photos

Today we had rain… lots of it (for Wyoming) and at one point it was mixed with snow.  I haven’t been able to look up the mountain due to cloud cover, so I wonder how low the snow line really … Continue reading

Branding in Photos

The following is a step-by-step photo essay of our branding on Thursday. First, ready your cedar firewood for the branding fire.  We prefer cedar… it burns hot and is much quieter than a propane burner. Put your irons in the … Continue reading

Branding Day

Have you ever smelled burning hair? Ever get distracted with the hair curler and singe just a  teensy bit of hair that you are sure no one would *ever* notice?? Ever play with a “metal match” while building a fire … Continue reading