Sale Barn

I have an assignment for you… Go online (or do it the old fashioned way) and look in your phone book and see if you have any livestock auctions around you. You might be surprised. Out there… Somewhere… There is … Continue reading

Sepia Shipping OOPE

Before my eyes slam shut and I lose consciousness… I’ll share my sepia flavored OOPE photos from today’s mountain excursion. My favorite flavor! The plan must be made… the 30 old and open cows… and the 24 heifers… and 1 … Continue reading

Pregnancy Testing Video

This video shows our hard work yesterday much better than my OOPE photos!   I believe I’ve outlined the basics of what we are doing on the video… but should you have any questions, please leave a comment and I’ll … Continue reading

Ugh. Preg Test OOPE and exhaustion

This day has a reputation of being one of the longest, loudest, and most frustrating days of the year. It is the day we pregnancy test our cows and yearling heifers. This year went remarkably well… but I’m still… sore … Continue reading

Mountain OOPE

My collection of OOPE photos continues to grow. I’ve always just stuck the camera in my pocket (hence the Out Of Pocket Experience title!)… but when it is 90 degrees outside… a coat or sweatshirt with pockets just doesn’t cut … Continue reading