Branding in Photos

The following is a step-by-step photo essay of our branding on Thursday. First, ready your cedar firewood for the branding fire.  We prefer cedar… it burns hot and is much quieter than a propane burner. Put your irons in the … Continue reading

Branding Day

Have you ever smelled burning hair? Ever get distracted with the hair curler and singe just a  teensy bit of hair that you are sure no one would *ever* notice?? Ever play with a “metal match” while building a fire … Continue reading

Sore and Achy Part 3

Each day begins in glory. Cool air… Soft light… Multiple bird songs… the meadowlark, the lark bunting, the robins, the magpies, even the screech of pheasants… The metallic slam of a horse trailer door and shuffling hooves… Quiet laughter of … Continue reading

Sore and Achy Part 2

Another day, another dollar. Made a bigger loop today… well, OK, we hauled out and then rode… so it wasn’t really a circle shaped ride. More like an “r”… With multiple squiggly lines radiating out… Left at 6:30. Back at … Continue reading

Sore and Achy Part 1

Nothing like spending 7 hours on horseback to find those sore places on your saddle. Ugh.  I’m ready for bed, but there’s some laundry to do… and I NEED a shower. It was in the 80’s today, so not a … Continue reading