Strut Your Stuff

Well, I have OOPE photos from yesterday.   I have fence fixin’ photos from today. I have wildlife photos from today. I have scenery photos from today. Rarely do I have so much to talk about and so little time … Continue reading

If Everyday Was Like This…

We sorted and sent another 34 pairs out into the allotment today. A day of sunshine and barely any wind. A day of yellow bells and blue skies. A day of not too cold, not too hot… a Goldilocks day. … Continue reading

Test Drive OOPE

Yesterday I spent the afternoon horseback, hunched against the Wyoming wind.  That is guaranteed to make my shoulders ache, but it seems impossible for me to ride in the wind without raising my shoulders and trying to protect myself from … Continue reading

It’s Quiet…

I went to the Mills Place yesterday to do a little painting.  Our new kitchen cabinets are almost totally installed (!) and since the day was going to be a dreary day of rain/snow mix, it seemed a good time … Continue reading

Motherhood – Pass/Fail

You get the privilege of watching motherhood in various forms out here. Cows and calves, does and fawns, mares and foals, goose and goslings, hens and chicks, ewes and lambs. Here, I have Elsa… a great mom… I help with … Continue reading