Hours Away

We had to move cows today… the 99 pair we trailed here… Somehow my disorganized self couldn’t remember to recharge the batteries in my little OOPE camera… and there was NO WAY I would pack my big camera on a … Continue reading

Kicked Across

All six of us rode horses today, Victoria meeting us on top, coming from her side of the mountain. ¬†We kicked our cows across the road to new pasture. Our cows have been in our leased pasture since our big … Continue reading

Late Branding

Usually our neighbors brand before we ever do… Johnny has always let the calves grow a little before stressing them with a branding. When I first arrived on the scene here… our calves were much smaller… and we waited until … Continue reading

Photo Improvements

Marilyn was nice enough yesterday to leave a comment about my photos… And that got me to thinking… I couldn’t do this without taking multiple and I mean, MULTIPLE photos… Especially what I call OOPE photos… The ones I’m NOT … Continue reading

Another Day of Riding

We moved 100 pairs today from the Mesa to a new pasture leased from a neighbor… It was mainly me and Daniel and Brandon and S., our neighbor girl. Vernon and Johnny took the bulls back down to our bull … Continue reading