I’m not really sure if I should title this entry STUPID People, IGNORANT People, or MEANSPIRITED MISLED BLANKETY BLANK People. I always heard it was better to be ignorant… that just meant you didn’t know better… but that you could … Continue reading

Mountain Trail

I need to put off my other Kids’ Rodeo pictures for a bit and share the ones from yesterday. My sister was official photographer… The focus (pun intended) of her pictures is a bit different from mine… First, she takes … Continue reading

A Hot Move

The ┬áproblem: Cows on the fence… they want to leave for the cooler mountain, but it isn’t time yet. Some dirty cows even are IN the field! Then there are the troublemakers… Lucas and Elsa have success! Lucas makes it … Continue reading

It’s 9:30, Do You Know Where Your Cows Are?

I do. We just put a quarter of them in the Double Crossing. That means EARLY in the morning we’ll take them to our mesa pasture with the half we took up the other day. That means I should get … Continue reading


I don’t mean to embarrass S. She’s quite the hand, a family friend, a good student… There’re many great qualities in this package… But since I’ve been riding almost everyday (or I have some other feeble excuse like cooking for … Continue reading