Little Shed on the Prairie

Vernon and I built this shed long ago, thinking maybe we could sell them, much like you see storage sheds sold everywhere these days. Well, we found out how long it took to weld the frame and tap the pipe… … Continue reading

Cold Ears

Yesterday’s post was about a different way to identify a calf until the weather is warm enough to put its ear tag in. We have a new way to keep those ears from freezing in the first place. Why bother … Continue reading

Velcro Tag

The cold has hit this part of the U.S. I do believe our high was 5 degrees… then add a 10 mph wind… Brrrr. To be born in the snow, nice and slick and wet… is challenging for our baby … Continue reading

Success Story

I went down to help work on the salt shed… but every little bit, Vernon would walk out of the shop and look down towards the field a good half mile. One cow was by herself, but we couldn’t figure … Continue reading