Into Life Backwards II

Yesterday’s post began the story of 520’s calf. … 520 slides down to the ground. The guys get to jacking on the calf puller. Trying to keep everything in proper position, while still pulling on the calf’s legs… Whew! It’s … Continue reading

Into Life Backwards

As we move our cows to the Badlands Pasture, we pair them, meaning each momma cow has to find her baby in the herd; they must recognize each other, and the baby must follow the cow out of the main … Continue reading

Spring Work

I finally joined in on a day of spring work, taking pairs to the badlands. Brought in a mile from the road… paired in the field and left behind the last nine yet to calve. Continued on another mile or … Continue reading

Bovine Interruption

While I was going great guns on my table for a few days, it is April 15. While that may mean “tax day” to you… it means “turn out day” for us in one allotment. I volunteered to babysit… honestly, … Continue reading

Sand Hilling Cows

I’m sure she was telling me about moving cows… or something she did… but the motors were too loud, so I just nodded my head, and drove on. Brandon and family were moving their cows… Megan and Quinlan in the … Continue reading