Making progress here.  Went to work today and survived, though I didn’t physically work very hard.  We’re still reorganizing the offices, so I sorted drawers and pitched old manuals for old computers and exciting “junk” that seems to pile up. … Continue reading

I Kid You Not

I don’t miss many posts… but, holy cow, I’ve lost track of days with this stomach bug. It was nasty!  Beyond nasty.  Way beyond nasty. I woke up with it Sunday morning, the day we were going to brand after … Continue reading

Rain, Rain… So Far

Once again, there were those Best Laid Plans… Today was supposed to be spent gathering a pasture, moving the cows and calves to another one in preparation for branding on Saturday.  We’ve been watching the weather reports constantly increasing the … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “Calf on the Rocks”

(thanks to Tess for the pic) Calf on the Rocks … Continue reading