Moving another bunch today. Dally takes a break in a puddle that has formed in an old buffalo wallow. Jekyll returns to Brandon’s call.  This was his first official drive.  He did well! My stirrup took a little juniper along … Continue reading

Trailing in Black and White

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Trailing Down

Saddle at 7.  Drive up the mountain.  Unload.  Start taking pics and video to share with you! The cows went pretty good until the Slope Pasture and. then. they. would. not. move. Yell and whistle. Chase through the rocks and … Continue reading

Poor Baby

Yeah.  Long day. Very LONG day. I was very thrilled with the cows this morning… they lined up, paired up (mostly), and marched up the mountain.  After a break at the top of the Very Steep Hill, it was downhill … Continue reading

Another Trip

Another trip up to the Mesa Pasture… this time from the home place. Full moon watching. I’m in the lead in the second photo… well, I’m in the lead most of the time… making sure they turn when and where … Continue reading