On time, 21 days after my egg tragedy, I was prepared for a new strategy. Since moving the hen and eggs a day before their due date didn’t work, and leaving them alone last year only gave me a small … Continue reading

Eight Cold Eggs

Colorful metaphors. Best intentions. However you want to describe it… I had a horrible failure. I mentioned with my video of the chicken laying her egg, that I thought it was my broody hen. Well, it wasn’t, of course, just … Continue reading

Chicken & Egg

Feeding my hens this morning, I noticed what I thought was my broody hen standing above her eggs, rear end facing out, with that zoned look in her eyes and a pulsing muscle near her tail. I knew the signs. … Continue reading


She was lost. Stranded in Brandon’s three sided hay shed, this hen had made a home. Ignored by Brandon when he fed the bulls… chickens come and go in the corral… she had made a nest behind the bales. Once … Continue reading


I’ve been trying an experiment the past few weeks… I’m growing fodder for my chickens as a supplement this winter.  My chickens free range all year round… of course, their pickings are not near as good this time of year. … Continue reading