Everyone Say, “Awwwwww”

Snow again.  4″ of white stuff with an inch of slush underneath… yes, we’re back to ooee-gooeey mud!  Not that we had dried up from the last storm.  I had to drive into Ten Sleep this morning… again, 4 miles … Continue reading

Say, What?

Dally ignores my chickens as they happily scratch through the brown grass to the green shoots below.  She is baking in the sun, panting at the highs in the ’50˚s!  Heated to the mellow, sleep stage, I imagine her simply … Continue reading

The Opposite Side

Sometimes it’s good to know what’s on the opposite side of the tree from your chicken coop. … Continue reading

Self Portrait in a Chicken’s Eye

I may have some rushed posts the next few days… I have company in my Indian room, and so my usual late night, hour long, detailed posts will have to be condensed! For tonight… a close-up of one of my … Continue reading

The New Girl

Whoooooeee. So, feeling sorry for Victoria, I decided to clean my own refrigerator today…  Ha!  Not really.  I DID clean it, the purpose was to make way for More Food.  Then I cleaned and reorganized the pantry.  Hey, look.  I … Continue reading