A few pics to make you grin… They’re sure growing! … Continue reading

Check Out the Chicks

It’s hard to get chicks in focus. On the left is a 2 week old+ barred rock chick, on the right is one of my new brown leghorn chicks. What a difference a couple of weeks makes! They are twice … Continue reading

Baby Chick Update

Good ol’ winter isn’t done with Wyoming yet!  Interstate 80 was closed all day yesterday and today due to blizzard conditions.  Two feet of snow fell on Casper Mountain.  Here, thankfully, we received just a skiff. As usual, Vernon says … Continue reading

Baby Chicks Video

On this beautiful Easter day… enjoy a video of my baby chicks, from Day One to Day Twelve.  I took a short video every other day… and, my! how they’ve grown! Chicks: Day One to Day Twelve from Carol Greet … Continue reading

Everyone Say, “Awwwwww”

Snow again.  4″ of white stuff with an inch of slush underneath… yes, we’re back to ooee-gooeey mud!  Not that we had dried up from the last storm.  I had to drive into Ten Sleep this morning… again, 4 miles … Continue reading