Cody Horse Sale

The horse sale was back in Cody. We’ve gone to it off and on… Panama, Winchester, and Zip have all come from there. Daniel and Tess were excited to go, Vernon was wishy-washy for quite a while… he could get … Continue reading

Cody Trip 2

Today was gorgeous and I spent most of it outside, so this is a late post, sorry! To continue the story from yesterday… The preview show began at 8 am… that’s why we had to leave home so early.  We … Continue reading

Cody Trip

Yes, it snowed again this morning. Yes, we left at 5 am for the Cody Wild West Days Top Notch Horse Sale. Yes, we looked at so many horses I was getting confused. Yes, we discarded some of our pre-sale … Continue reading


So much of what we do on the ranch has changed radically from a few years back.  Where 3 or 4 families could live and be supported on this place when it began, the ranch supports now supports two.  Where … Continue reading