Branding Favorite

Honestly. More rain and cool weather… better than the snow they received further south of us… but still.  In a place you shouldn’t whine about rain… everyone is starting to whine about rain (and snow). I didn’t accomplish much today, … Continue reading

#TBT: Dapper

I do not know who Clarence Wilcox was.  I do not know where he lived.  I do not know where this picture was taken.  I do know he appears to be quite the dapper young cowboy. … Continue reading

Sunshine Cowboy

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Time to Be A Cowboy

I shifted my weight to my left foot and stood on tiptoe.  Well, as much of “tiptoe” as you can get in a stirrup.  The dun below me adjusted for my shifted position but continued to rip green grass.  Though … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “Cowboyin’ “

Cowboyin’  is my entry for this Wordless Wednesday. … Continue reading