I Forget

Lest you think I’ve been sitting here in the house, watching soap operas and baking bread all day…  talking to Toria for hours through our iPad2s’ Facetime (what a wonderful invention, Mr. Jobs and team)… You’d be (partially) wrong! I … Continue reading

Baby Blankets

Victoria bought the fabric and designed the look, but *I* made her baby quilts!  I have one completely finished… as of this afternoon! I did some handquilting on it… “caterpillar tracks” squiggles in a huge X across the green squares… … Continue reading

Still A Secret

A very special young couple were married a few weeks ago.   I didn’t go to the wedding, and I bought them a few gifts…   but…   you know me…   I like getting *personal*!   I researched their … Continue reading


Ha! I did it. My first pysanky completion of the year. The white is done, I’ve just covered the brown with wax… All dyed. With the wax melted off… Other side… white is finished and I’ve just covered the brown… … Continue reading

Other Muse

I’ve got the hankering for pysanky! After my classes…   and a friend posting hers on facebook…   and seeing my link for last year’s trypillian egg…   That’s all I want to do is sit and smell that melted … Continue reading