Poor Thing

A little side track… please indulge me. On the way home from our Girl Scout staff reunion, I spotted this poor mule deer.  Well, he crossed the road right in front of me, so he was hard to miss!  I … Continue reading

To the Rescue

One of the best things about living out here is how different each day can be!  Today started with a dog walk, typical, at least once again since hunting season is over. Today I chose to walk a different route.  … Continue reading

A Couple

I spent most of the morning taking pics of grandkids with Santa and most of the afternoon cussing my sewing abilities!  I don’t know why I think I can whip up something for the grandsons for Christmas without some high … Continue reading

Wild Life

When my friends from New Zealand were here not long ago… it made me re-realize the amount of wildlife we take for granted. I mean, I *know* it… but sometimes you just need people to oooohhh  and aaaahhhhh over the … Continue reading