Testing Video Link

So… it’s easy to upload a video to Facebook. I’m trying to see if I can link to it here, so everyone can see it… even those of you who aren’t on Facebook! Testing to see how well this works… … Continue reading

Spring Elk Herd

Once again, I was happy for the long zoom of my little camera!  We stopped to let them pass across the road… … Continue reading


There was part of today that was gorgeous… Vernon and I loaded up and went to check one of our pastures… looking at grass height, fence conditions, and breathing some fresh air! Soon enough, the rain clouds started rolling in, … Continue reading

Visitors in the Night

I checked in with the guys and their current project… Took some random photos… and returned home followed by Tess and the kids. I had mentioned making applesauce, and Tess was here to tackle that problem!  For the rest of … Continue reading