Spring Elk Herd

Once again, I was happy for the long zoom of my little camera!  We stopped to let them pass across the road… … Continue reading


There was part of today that was gorgeous… Vernon and I loaded up and went to check one of our pastures… looking at grass height, fence conditions, and breathing some fresh air! Soon enough, the rain clouds started rolling in, … Continue reading

Visitors in the Night

I checked in with the guys and their current project… Took some random photos… and returned home followed by Tess and the kids. I had mentioned making applesauce, and Tess was here to tackle that problem!  For the rest of … Continue reading


This time of year, that word, “harvest”, applies to so many different things. Part of it is harvesting some minor money off of all the hunters that have descended upon Ten Sleep.  Our Hunter Fest is full of raffles and … Continue reading