Reposted for Elsa

I know I said I’d post pics of my scarf tonight… but I always glance through my older posts (links are found on the right sidebar)… and, honestly, I think this is one of my best posts EVER…  So I’m … Continue reading

Questions and Answers – July 2013 Edition

Karyn:  Question for you: The profile picture of you and Elsa…she is terribly muddy. Do you have a story to go with that? Still miss her…. Oh, Karyn, I miss her too!  <sniff>  I put that up after she died, … Continue reading

Lift My Heart

Thank you all SO MUCH for your words of compassion… Reading them all makes me cry and smile at the same time…  I am amazed at your thoughtfulness and caring.  Elsa will always be padding softly in the corner of … Continue reading

Butcher’s Foothills Elsa

English Shepherds were unknown to me just a few years ago.  After purchasing Lucas from Mary Peaslee’s Shepherd’s Way, I soon discovered the dog I’d always desired.  Devoted, loving, able to work and able to relax… this dog would fit … Continue reading

Oh, Else

Thank you all. As the emotions swirl, and I struggle between tears and bouts of ragged coughing, her presence lingers strongly. My Golden Girl. My Sweetheart. Elsa Dear. I roam this blog, in hunt for entries mentioning her name. Her … Continue reading